Infections caused by Sorin heater-cooler

CONSUMERS – Did You Receive a Letter Warning of a Possible Infection Complication Connected to the Heater-Cooler Device Used in Your Recent Surgery? Infections caused by Sorin 3-T devices may entitle you to compensation. Our injury attorneys handle Sorin heater-cooler cases The Sorin 3-T machine has been used during various types of chest surgeries, such…


New Jersey Drunk Driving Law

New Jersey Sued Over Drunk Driving Law New Jersey governor Chris Christie, New Jersey Transit, and Attorney General Christopher Porrino have been sued by several unions that represent New Jersey Transit locomotive engineers. The suit is over a 2016 law that bans those with suspended licenses from operating trains. The law was passed as an…


Lomurro Law Defends Victims of Defective Hernia Mesh Devices

As Hernia Surgery Complications Rise, Prominent National Personal Injury Law Firm Prepares to Defend Victims of Defective Hernia Mesh Lomurro, Munson, Comer, Brown & Schottland, LLC now representing patients throughout the U.S. who have been injured by hernia mesh   FREEHOLD, NJ – Due to the rise in hernia mesh surgery complications, the injury attorneys…


How Does Workers Compensation Work?

Simplifying Workers Compensation Here’s how it works Each year, thousands of Americans are hurt while at work or while performing work-related activities.  In some cases, workplace accidents or prolonged exposure to dangerous substances on the job causes job-related illnesses.  In New Jersey, employees cannot sue their employers for injuries suffered while at work unless certain…


Ethicon Withdrawals Hernia Mesh from the Market

Ethicon Voluntarily Withdrawals Mesh Over High Rate of Failure New Jersey hernia mesh lawyers share options for legal recourse for patients Last month, Ethicon voluntarily withdrew its Physiomesh flexible composite hernia mesh from the market after study found that it had a higher rate of failure than other hernia meshes on the market. Doctors refer…


What Do I Do If My Employer Refuses To Pay Me?

An Employer’s Refusal to Pay a Workers’ Compensation Claim Can Be Financially Devastating Take charge by learning the legal options available to you when you go home empty handed on payday For some workers going home with an empty wallet on payday is a minor annoyance. For those who are the only breadwinners, it can…


What to Expect During a Workers Compensation Trial

Knowing What to Expect During Your Workers Compensation Trial to Prevent Intimidation Here are some key points to remember In New Jersey, employees must quickly report workplace injuries to someone in authority in order to initiate a workers’ compensation case.  In turn, the employer must report the incident to the state. This notification – which…


Workers Compensation and Pre-Existing Injuries

Workers’ Compensation Claims Cannot Be Automatically Denied Due to a Pre-Existing Injury But the claim must be based on the exacerbation of the prior injury or condition – not the old injury itself In a workers’ compensation case, a claim cannot be denied simply because the employee has a pre-existing injury or condition.  If the…


Hospital Workplace Injuries

New Jersey Hospital Workers Are At Significant Risk For Job-Related Injuries Multiple workplace hazards put employees in jeopardy A New Jersey hospital was recently fined more than $50,000 as the result of a complaint and federal government investigation initiated last year. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) levied the penalties against Cooper University Hospital…


Stryker Issues Voluntary Recall on Accolade Hip Products

Stryker Issues Voluntary Recall on Accolade Hip Products New Jersey product liability attorneys help clients hurt by dangerous medical devices Medical device manufacturer Stryker Corp. has received an unprecedented number of complaints regarding its Stryker Accolade hip replacement system. The problem stems from the femoral head that is used with the hip replacement product, including…