Verdicts and Settlements Through the Years

Our attorneys have a remarkable history of achieving justice and getting results for injured clients

$2,500,000 Settlement – A 62 year old man was severely injured following a collision at an intersection where defendant failed to stop at a stop sign. Plaintiff was hospitalized for nearly nine months with massive internal injuries along with a spinal fracture.

$2,300,000 Settlement – Client was hit head-on when the defendant crossed over the double yellow lines to pass a stopped vehicle. Client suffered from serious injuries including a hole in his heart.

$1,550,000 Settlement – Client’s vehicle was struck by a truck at an intersection causing it to spin, finally coming to a rest when it hit a tree. Client was found to be completely disabled and unable to work.

$1,300,000 Settlement – Automobile accident where a young woman was stopped at a stop sign and rear-ended by a truck which caused her vehicle to be pushed approximately 60 feet. In addition to orthopedic injuries the young woman sustained an exacerbation to her underlying multiple sclerosis.

$1,150,000 Settlement – Accident where an elderly woman, who was a pedestrian, was crossing the street and struck by an automobile. She sustained major orthopedic injuries to both knees causing impaired mobility. A large consideration driving the size of the settlement was the fact that she has been an active grandmother and community volunteer who was forced into a painful and sedentary lifestyle.

$1,100,000 Settlement – Plaintiff’s vehicle was struck broadside and flipped, landing onto another vehicle. He suffered serious spinal injuries and a mild traumatic brain injury.

$1,000,000 Settlement – Accident where a trucker traveling on the NJ Turnpike was cut off by another truck. The plaintiff owned his own truck which was totaled. He suffered the residuals of a herniated disc in his low back which made it impossible for him to continue to make his living as a truck driver.

$1,000,000 Settlement – Automobile accident where a middle aged woman was struck from behind causing her to sustain serious neck and back injuries. The injuries necessitated surgeries on both her neck and her back requiring her to make many changes in her day to day activities.

$900,000 Settlement – This settlement was awarded to a man after his disabled spouse was killed in a motor vehicle accident. Her driver lost control of the car, traveled across several lanes of traffic, went up over a median, and then hit a 79,000 pound sanitation truck.

$900,000 Settlement – Our client had died after he was involved in a collision with a police officer, who was driving very fast, without lights or sirens on.

$825,000 Settlement – Client was a passenger in her husband’s truck when he rear-ended a truck on a major highway, which resulted in several surgeries on client’s leg.

$800,000 Settlement – When the young, intoxicated driver of a van ran a red light, he hit the plaintiff, who spun into another car and became pinned in his vehicle. Plaintiff was in a coma for seventeen and suffered from many internal injuries.

$725,800 Award – This was an underinsured motorist case against Plaintiff’s own insurance company. When the insurance company refused to settle, plaintiff and Defendant went into finding arbitration where $725,800 was awarded.

$600,000 Settlement- Plaintiff was the passenger in a vehicle that was being test driven by a customer. The customer, defendant, drove recklessly, accelerated to a very high rate of speed, lost control of the vehicle, and caused a back tire to blow out. Plaintiff suffered back injuries, including large disc herniations.

$600,000 Settlement – Vehicular accident in which a bus made an unsafe left turn in front of a middle aged man, on a misty day where the ground was wet, causing the man to strike the right side of the bus. He sustained hip injuries necessitating two separate surgeries, ultimately requiring a total hip replacement. The amount of the settlement was affected by the fact that the plaintiff was not wearing his seat belt.

$513,451.26 Settlement – As Plaintiff was driver she was rear-ended by Defendant. She suffered severe neck and back injuries.

$500,000 Settlement- This motor vehicle accident involved a high school sophomore, who was the passenger in a car. The car hit two curbs due to the reckless driving of the driver/Defendant. Plaintiff suffered a compression fracture and was unable to return to school. Defendants paid the full amount of insurance available.

$425,000 Settlement – A 24 year old single man was killed when a woman driving a motor vehicle changed lanes, causing him to swerve on his motorcycle to avoid colliding with her vehicle. As a result, he was thrown from the motorcycle and killed instantly from serious head injuries. The settlement was impacted by the fact that New Jersey law limits the amount recoverable where the deceased leaves no spouse or dependents.

$421,000 Jury Verdict – Client was a passenger in a commercial vehicle, with no head restraints. The vehicle was struck from behind and the plaintiff suffered severe spinal injuries.

$398,000 Settlement – Accident where a young woman, whose car was being repossessed, stepped onto the tow truck, with the permission of the driver, in order to retrieve personal items from the vehicle. The driver refused to lower the vehicle off the flatbed and the angle caused her to fall off the tow truck landing on the roadway. She suffered a shoulder injury requiring two separate surgeries as well as a neck injury resulting in a discectomy and fusion.

$5,000,000 Settlement – An infant developed cerebral palsy due to delay in his birth. Child will need constant medical care for the rest of his life.

$4,000.000 Settlement- An infant was born with gastro-intestinal problems. After almost three months, the baby began losing weight. Despite clear indications that the baby was dehydrated, no action was taken to admit the infant to the hospital during her last doctor visit. Further complications were ignored. Ultimately, the infant suffered permanent and severe brain damage.

$3,800,000 Settlement – This was a medical malpractice case involving a reduction in the number of fetuses the Plaintiff was carrying, to ensure the health of the mother and remaining children. The allegation was that the doctor negligently performed this procedure, causing permanent injury to one of the surviving children. This baby has permanent, lifelong injuries and will never be able to take care of himself.

$3,700,000 Verdict – Thirty four year old UPS worker who underwent a discectomy, as a result of a mis-diagnosis. After the unnecessary surgery she was found to be suffering from a benign tumor in her spinal canal, known as a swanoma. She is now suffering from the residuals of a complete loss of sensation in her bowel, bladder and genitals along with paresthesia in her lower extremities.

$3,400,000 Settlement – The defendant, a high risk OB-GYN doctor delivered twins at 24 weeks leaving the male with severe disabilities and the female with some disabilities. Plaintiff claimed that the delivery at 24 weeks was medically unnecessary and a cause of the children’s disability. A structured settlement was reached whereby the parents receive approximately $80,000 per year for the children.

$2,950,000 Settlement – A hospital nurse closed off a tracheotomy tube, causing a decreased amount of oxygen and permanent disability to an elderly woman who eventually died.

$2,275,000.00 Medical Malpractice Settlement – Client had an ovarian cyst removed laparoscopically when she began having breathing problems.  She eventually developed toxic septic shock and multi-system failure.  When she was taken back into the operating room the surgeon found a punctured intestine. Plaintiff never re-gained consciousness and remains in a vegetative state.  This was a highly contested case in which we received all available insurance from one of the defendants.

$1,950,000 Settlement – Medical Malpractice matter in which a man had misdiagnosed melanoma which led to his death.

$1,800,000 Settlement – The Plaintiff in this case was hospitalized for mental illness, but was released prematurely. He then tried to commit suicide by walking in front of a train. The Plaintiff endured serious bodily injuries including permanent loss of his left hand. The settlement was against the well-known hospital for allowing Plaintiff to be released while he still had suicidal ideations.

$1,500,000 Settlement During Trial – A 34 year old man with cauda equine syndrome which went undiagnosed and untreated for 36 hours leaving him with loss of all bladder and bowel sensation.

$1,200,000.00 Settlement – A husband is left to raise his son alone as his wife died after giving birth to their first child as a result of a cardiac incident in a hotly contested medical malpractice case.

$1,010,000 Verdict – Eighty one year old male who had a PSA reading of 181. The normal PSA range is 5-10. Defendant doctor’s biopsy was negative and he treated the plaintiff for two years with antibiotics for prostatitis. The defendant doctor should have taken additional biopsy samples. Ultimately, it was discovered that the plaintiff had prostate cancer which has spread to major organs in his body. He died survived by his wife and adult daughter.

$1,000,000 Settlement – Medical malpractice action against a psychiatrist who removed a young bi-polar woman from her medication “cold turkey” rather than gradually. This lack of medication resulted in increasing feelings of hopelessness, fear, paranoia and racing thoughts. Desperate for these feelings to stop, she went to the roof of her house and jumped 25 feet to the concrete driveway below. Our client sustained serious permanent injuries to her back and feet.

$885,000 Settlement – Medical malpractice action where a patient was misdiagnosed by her gynecologist which caused a delay in treatment for breast cancer. This settlement represented the majority of the available coverage on the doctor’s insurance policy and was reached shortly after the defendant doctor’s deposition.

$1,350,000 Verdict – This is a legal and engineering malpractice matter in which we proved that the engineer did not correctly delineate the wetlands and that the attorney committed malpractice in failing to review the engineers report, which should have alerted him to the presence of wetlands. The plaintiff recovered the entire contract price he had paid for the property because the wetlands rendered the property incapable of development.

$397,495.27 Settlement – While Defendant was the attorney for Plaintiff, Defendant borrowed $372,000. Two separate agreements were signed by both parties regarding repayment. Defendant never paid back the funds and would not agree to a reasonable payment schedule.

$3,300,000 Settlement – A young single mother was dared to dive into a marina without knowing that it had less than three feet of water. She broke her neck and injured her spine causing her to become a permanent quadriplegic.

$800,000 Settlement – Plaintiff was pushed head first into shallow waters and sustained serious injuries.

$1,300,000 Settlement following Plaintiff’s Verdict at Trial While Appeal was Pending – Plaintiff fell when a pull down ladder dropped out of the ceiling. He suffered from a torn meniscus and spinal injuries.

$1,013,000 Settlement – Plaintiff drank to intoxication, fell and suffered a brain injury. In settling this case, the first “settlement CD” in New Jersey was used.

$1,000,000 Verdict – Plaintiff tripped over a protruding arcade game in an indoor amusement park. He was left with permanent weakness of his lower extremities and uses a four prong cane for support. The defendants did not make an offer to settle as they argued that his disability was a result of his pre-existing mild MS which often caused him to fall. The plaintiff relied upon the testimony of his 8 year old son who witnessed the accident.

$760,000 Settlement – While unloading empty kegs from a trailer at work, Plaintiff tripped on nails that were sticking up. To try to prevent himself from falling, he grabbed a strap connected to the side of the trailer and twisted his body as he fell. His supervisor acknowledged that the nails were protruding about an inch off the ground. Plaintiff will need spinal surgery in the future.

$625,000 Settlement – Client fell through a trap door in a walkway that was left open by a fire alarm company technician. Client suffered a fractured skull, subdural hematoma and permanent loss of taste and smell. Case was settled the day of trial.

$230,000.00 Settlement – Slip and fall accident where a woman was caused to fall on black ice fracturing her left leg.  The injury required surgery consisting of the insertion of plates and screws.  The injury and subsequent surgery left her with a gait abnormality causing her difficulty in her daily activities.

$5,900,000 Class Action Settlement – It was discovered that a major insurance company had been defaulting all of its policy holders to a maximum of $15,000 Personal Injury Protection medical benefits, which is in violation of the law. The insurance company had to reform every policy and paid out almost six million dollars to the class action members, collectively.

$3,600,000 Verdict – Sixteen year old who was advised to clean a lawnmower using gasoline as a solvent. The lawnmower had a built in defect in that it was missing a small rubber insulator at the site of the regulator. The defendant knew that the part was missing and failed to notify the buyer of the defect. The mower ignited from a spark and the young man was burned over 40% of his body including his face.

$1,000,000 Settlement – After a head on collision, Plaintiff was trapped and had to be extricated from his van. It was determined that the manufacturer of the van was partially at fault because of the van’s significant buckling damage. Plaintiff suffered internal injuries and major injuries to his lower extremities and chest.

$675,000 Settlement – During work, while unpacking a crate full of marble slabs and fireplace hearths, a hearth slipped from Plaintiff’s grasp and fell back into the box. This caused all of the hearths to fall like dominoes onto his wrist and forearm, crushing them. A packaging expert found that the crate used to package the materials had design flaws and that this particular crate was not optimal for storing these materials. The crate was also packed negligently. Additionally, no safety instructions were ever given to the Plaintiff’ by his employers.

$600,000 Settlement – After discovering a defect with certain anti-lock brakes in motor vehicles, it was discovered that a major car manufacturer also intentionally misled the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding this failure.

$3,200,000 Verdict – Representation of the family of a young man who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald on September 11, 2001.

$3,147,453 – Our firm represented the family and fiancée of a man who was killed while working at the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001.

$2,000,000 Settlement – Wife watched her husband being electrocuted because of a live electrical wire on the ground in front of their home. The wire fell at night following an ice storm. The defendants were aware of the presence of the wire and did not properly cordon off the area or warn residents of the dangerous condition. Plaintiff’s husband lost his left arm and leg as a result of the electrocution. The verdict represented compensation for the wife’s emotional distress and the loss of the normal marital companionship due to her husband’s injuries.

$600,000 Settlement – Plaintiff installed air conditioners for a living and was putting one in at a customer’s home. Because the home was under construction and a staircase had not been put in, Plaintiff was forced to use an extension ladder to do his work. He slipped and fell onto concrete.

In a case of first impression, Richard Galex, Esq. changed the law in New Jersey by making drug manufacturers responsible for the content of their advertisements to the public. Prior to the leading case of Perez v. American Home Products, drug companies defended law suits brought against them when a patient was harmed by a drug by stating that the doctor has the duty to warn the patient and not the drug company. This landmark decision which remains the law today holds that when the drug manufacturer advertises its product directly to the consumer, the drug manufacturer has a direct duty to warn of all known adverse reactions thereby relieving the doctor of the duty to warn. As a result, most drug ads on TV and magazines include warnings to the public concerning adverse reactions.