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Driver’s License Restoration After a DUI

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2016 | DUI |

Getting your license back is one of the most important steps towards moving on with your life after a DUI

In New Jersey, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is considered a traffic offense as opposed to an indictable crime. However, this does not diminish the severity of penalties especially if you have a prior history of DUI convictions. Even a single DUI conviction can lead to hefty fines, mandatory education classes at an Intoxicated Driver Resource Center, community service and even jail. In addition, arguably one of the most punishing consequences of a DUI is the loss of your driver’s license. Without a driver’s license, it is much harder to get to and from work and even complete the daily tasks of living that you’ve become accustomed to.

Typically, your driving privileges are suspended as soon as you are arrested for DUI. Your prior history and blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of the offense dictate your suspension period. The suspension periods are:

  • Three months for a first offense with a BAC of 0.08% but less than 0.10%
  • Seven months to one year for a first offense with a BAC of greater than 0.10%
  • Two years for a second offense within 10 years from the date of the first offense
  • 10 years for a third offense within 10 years of the second offense

In addition, if you get caught driving while your license is suspended due to a DUI, your license may be suspended for an additional one to two years. Driving with drugs in your possession also leads to a two-year license suspension. When your license is suspended after a DUI, in addition to any court mandated fines, you must also pay surcharges typically on an annual basis of $1000 per year for three years.

Once your license suspension period is over, you may pursue restoration by following the license renewal procedures established by the state. There is an additional $100 restoration fee that must be paid. After your license is restored, you are subject to what is essentially a probationary period for the first year. If you commit another violation within six months of restoration, your license will be suspended for 90 days. If the violation is within seven to nine months, the suspension period is 60 days and 45 days for violations within 10-12 months. Additional violations within the first year may lead to a suspension ranging from 90-180 days. Three license suspensions within three years may cause you to lose driving privileges for an additional three years.

Driver’s license restoration is an integral part to achieving a favorable resolution to your DUI case. It is important to satisfy all court-ordered financial and educational requirements to ensure that you are able to restore your license as soon as possible.

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