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Medtronic Recalls Diabetes Infusion Sets Due to Risk of Overdose

Medtronic PLC has announced that it has issued a recall of a disposable device in its insulin pumps. Medtronic claims that it has discovered the disposable part can release too much of the drug, which may put patients at risk of hypoglycemia.

In cases of severe hypoglycemia, an individual needs immediate medical attention. Seizures, convulsions, an inability to eat or drink, and a loss of consciousness may result.

According to Medtronic, roughly 1 in every 2 million infusion sets manufactured before April of 2017 may be at risk of malfunctioning. The malfunction results when a membrane that is used to release pressure from the interior of the pump gets wet. The membrane then blocks the vents. The risk of an insulin overdose is greatest right after the patient changes the infusion set. Patients must change their infusion sets every three days—thus, the risk is quite high. Francine Kaufman, the chief medical officer of Medtronic’s diabetes group, commented, “Shortly after that change, the patient could experience insulin over-delivery.”

Kaufman claims that there have not been any deaths associated with the defective device. Fortunately, many individuals realized their blood sugar was too low and were able to remedy the condition. Some sought emergency medical treatment.

Those whose devices were made since April need not worry, the company claims. The matter has allegedly been resolved by Medtronic. Those who do have defective devices may have them replaced by Medtronic at no cost. Patients can go to to see if their devices are affected.

Medical device companies must be held accountable when their products are flawed in their design or manufacture, or if they are not sold with adequate instructions and/or warnings. If it is shown that a manufacturing defect, a design defect, or a lack of proper instruction caused injury to consumers, the company may be liable. The company may be forced to pay medical bills, lost wages, and other types of damages to those who were harmed by the defective device.

What if I have been harmed by a medical device?

If you or a loved one was injured by a faulty medical device, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible to protect your rights. There are deadlines in place that limit how long injured patients have to file products liability claims. If these deadlines are missed, claimants may be forever barred from seeking damages from the medical device manufacturer. However, your attorney gathers relevant evidence to demonstrate the harm the device has caused, increasing your chances of recovering damages.

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