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Do you tell your boss you are getting divorced?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2018 | Divorce |

A divorce is a painful experience, to put it mildly. A married couple must divide all of their possessions, and, if they are parents, their time with their precious children. An individual going through a divorce may have to find a new place to live and deal with uncomfortable questions from friends and family. A divorce impacts nearly every aspect of one’s life, including the workplace.

Although many employees are close with their co-workers, the employee-boss relationship is a bit different. Many employees are not comfortable discussing their personal lives with their bosses. However, in the event of a divorce, it is wise to let the boss know what is going on.

First, although many divorce cases do not require much court time, there are certain hearings that must be conducted. You will need to ask your boss for time off of work for these hearings, and you may need additional time off to meet with your attorney to prepare for the hearings. Of course, you will likely meet with your attorney regularly throughout the case, or at least communicate via telephone during business hours. If your boss knows you are going through a divorce, he or she may be more understanding of the time you need away from work.

Telling your boss that you are getting a divorce does not mean that you have to tell your boss all of the personal details. Your boss does not need to know that your wife had an affair, or that your child has been getting in trouble at school because of the stressful life changes. Simply tell your boss that you are going through a divorce and you may need some time off of work until the matter is finalized.

If you are worried about your boss’s reaction, tell your boss your plan for ensuring that deadlines are met and that other goals are achieved. Will you work from home or come in on the weekends? Have other coworkers offered to chip in and help out? Your boss will appreciate that you have taken proactive measures to carry your load in the workplace.

Once your divorce is over, you will need to discuss certain matters with your employer’s human resources department. For example, how your taxes are filed will change after a divorce. You may also need to make changes to your health insurance.

Therefore, although it may be uncomfortable, it is wise to let your boss know about your divorce.

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