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Before Hiring a NJ Personal Injury Lawyer, Ask the Following Questions

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When you need a doctor, chances are you do your homework. You ask your other physicians for recommendations, ask friends for referrals, and ask a list of questions of the doctor when you meet. When you are searching for a lawyer, it is important to follow the same protocol. We surveyed the experienced legal team at Lomurro Munson LLC and developed a list of questions you should ask before hiring personal injury lawyer.

Do you have experience handling my type of personal injury case?

Personal injury law encompasses a wide range of injuries and it is important to find a personal injury lawyer who is experienced handling your particular type of case. Your personal injury case may fall under any one of these categories:

There are subcategories of the above as well. For example, within the category of medical malpractice there are traumatic brain injuries, surgical errors, and medical misdiagnoses. Some of these personal injury cases require an additional level of experience and in-depth knowledge. So, it is important to ask what specific experience the personal injury attorney has with that type of personal injury case.

Who will handle my case?

In most cases, the personal injury attorney you meet may not be the one handling every aspect of your case. In fact, you may have much of your interaction with a junior associate or paralegal at the firm. Senior attorneys often focus on the more complicated aspects of your case, and delegate the routine matters to junior staffers. This can help keep legal fees down as senior attorneys often charge more for their time. Be sure to ask this question so you have a full understanding of the involvement of the personal injury attorney in your case, as well as knowledge of who you will be dealing with throughout the process.

Is your lawyer a Certified Trial Attorney?

In New Jersey an attorney can become a certified attorney by the NJ Supreme Court.  To achieve this certification, an attorney must meet the following requirements to become certified:

  • has been a member in good standing of the New Jersey Bar for at least five years;
  • has taken a specific number of continuing legal education courses in the three years prior to filing an application;
  • demonstrates substantial involvement in preparation of litigated matters;
  • demonstrates an unblemished reputation by submitting a list of attorneys and judges who will attest to the applicant’s character and ability; and
  • passes a written examination covering various aspects of practice in the designated specialty.

What is your courtroom experience?

While most civil cases do not go to trial, it is still important to hire a personal injury attorney who has trial experience. A personal injury attorney who knows their way around the courtroom, who is confident and skilled at thinking on their feet, will provide you with the best representation should your case proceed to trial. Some personal injury attorneys have never tried a case and may feel uncomfortable doing so, which means they may try to persuade you to accept a lower settlement offer just to avoid the courtroom.

What is your fee?

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that they only get paid if they successfully obtain some sort of recovery on your behalf. Personal injury attorneys charge a certain percentage of your recovery, which varies from case to case. So be sure to obtain the fee structure in writing prior to signing on with an attorney.

We are always available to answer your questions

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