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New Jersey Car Accident Statistics

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Every year, hundreds of New Jersey drivers and passengers are killed in traffic accidents. Thousands more are injured. In 2017 , there were a total of 270,231 crashes reported to the New Jersey Department of Transportation. According to state records, 591 individuals were killed in these accidents in 2017.

It would seem to many that the year 2017 witnessed an extraordinary amount of motor vehicle accidents—after all, more than 270,000 crashes seems awfully high and is equivalent to more than 700 accidents every day. However, the number of accidents, including those involving fatalities, has actually decreased slightly over the years.

In 2001, there were 274,110 crashes in New Jersey. Compared to 2017, that’s nearly 4,000 more traffic accidents. The number of traffic-related fatalities was higher in 2001 as well: 677 as compared to the 591 reported in 2017.

However, the decrease in the number of crashes since 2001 has not been a steady one. The number of motor vehicle accidents peaked in 2003 at 284,749. The number of traffic-related deaths peaked in 2006 at 708.

Where do most accidents happen?

In 2017, the largest number of crashes—29,635 to be exact—occurred in Essex County. The most deaths were reported in Ocean County. Fifty-two people lost their lives in accidents that year.

One of the deadliest intersections in the entire United States is located in New Jersey. A study from Time Magazine tracked accident data from 2003 to 2012. Its results showed that six deadly accidents occurred at Spring Street (Route 9) and East Jersey Street in Elizabeth during this time.

New Jersey is home to several other dangerous intersections as well. At the intersection of Paulus Boulevard and Route 18 in New Brunswick, an accident occurs just about every other week. From 2010 to 2014, 173 motor vehicle crashes occurred at this junction. Since this intersection is so close to Route 1 and Interstate 95, it is a busy area.

In Fort Lee, the intersection of Route 4 and Interstate 95 is quite dangerous. In fact, it ranks second worst in the United States for big rig bottlenecks. During rush hour, motorists can expect to travel at a speed of about 27 miles an hour.

What causes most New Jersey car accidents?

It is no surprise that distracted driving is cited as the most common cause of accidents in New Jersey. Most of us keep our cell phones with us at all times, and it can be tempting to check our phones whenever we hear a notification. In addition to using a phone, looking at scenery, eating and drinking, and driving while fatigued are all examples of distracted driving.

Poor weather conditions also leads to many accidents. New Jersey is no stranger to harsh winter conditions, such as large amounts of snow and ice. Although it is best to stay off of the roads during such weather, many have no choice but to get to work or school.

Drivers who always seem to be in a hurry are also responsible for a large chunk of New Jersey’s car accidents. Speeding is cited as the cause of many crashes in New Jersey. On the other hand, driving too slowly also causes many accidents in the Garden State.

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