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Bad Weather and the Increased Risk of Car Accidents in NJ

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2019 | Auto Accidents, Personal Injury |

New Jersey is home to dangerous driving conditions and New Jersey drivers are forced to battle all types of weather throughout the year. Windy conditions or fog may pop up during any season. Summer thunderstorms may make it difficult to see the road. In the winter, snow and ice make losing control of a vehicle more likely. Accidents are much more likely to occur in these conditions. However, there are steps that drivers may take to reduce the chances of being involved in an accident.

Rain and thunderstorms

To maintain your safety in rainy or stormy conditions, you should regularly check on the condition of your windshield wipers. Good windshield wipers help a driver see much more clearly during rainy conditions. Even if you are driving through the rain during the day, turn on your headlights so that other drivers are able to see you.

Avoid driving through standing water, even if it does not look deep. It does not take much water to cause a car to hydroplane—in some cases, just a tenth of an inch is all that is required for a driver to lose control. Always allow plenty of space between your car and other cars so that you do not risk skidding when you need to stop.


According to accident statistics, most accidents caused by poor weather conditions occur in fog. Dense fog especially impairs a driver’s ability to see the road, which can result in deadly accidents.

If you must drive in the fog, make sure you use your fog lights or low-beam headlights—never use your high-beam lights. Though many drivers think high-beam headlights offer additional visibility, the light reflects off of the additional moisture in the air, which actually hinders the driver’s ability to see well. If you are having trouble seeing the road in front of you, look for the white line on the edge of the lane to help guide you.

Snow and ice

Driving slowly in snowy or especially icy conditions is key to staying safe on the road. Brake slowly and take turns slowly to avoid skidding. Similarly, make sure you accelerate slowly. Do not use your cruise control in snowy or icy weather conditions.  Again, always use your headlights in snow and ice.


In windy conditions, it is important to keep both hands on the wheel at all times to help you maintain control over your car. Keep an eye out for falling trees, power lines, and debris. In strong winds, these materials may slam into vehicles, leading to an accident. Though it may be tempting to drive faster to “fight” the wind, it is important to slow down so that you maintain control over your car.

NJ Drivers may be liable for damages if they drive recklessly in bad weather

If another driver is speeding or is otherwise reckless during dangerous weather conditions and causes an accident, that driver may be liable for the damages that accident victims sustain. With our experienced New Jersey personal injury attorneys, reckless drivers are held accountable for the injuries they cause. We know that bad weather is not an excuse for reckless driving, so our attorneys aggressively pursue all avenues of compensation recovery. To schedule a free consultation, call 732-482-9285 or contact us online.