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Is Workers’ Compensation Available for Volunteers in NJ?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2020 | Workers' Comp |

There are many municipalities in New Jersey that offer volunteer opportunities in various communities throughout the State. These municipalities themselves are usually responsible for managing and coordinating these opportunities. Potential volunteer opportunities may include volunteering at local libraries, senior centers, animal shelters, and gardens – or volunteering at special events, including community day activities, fairs, parades, and other social events that take place throughout the year.

Although volunteers provide valuable services to their communities, they can still suffer serious injuries during the course of their volunteer activities. In those instances, under certain circumstances, volunteers who are injured while they are in the course of their volunteer duties may be eligible to recover benefits through the New Jersey workers’ compensation system.

If you have been injured during the course of a volunteer activity in New Jersey, the experienced Freehold workers’ compensation lawyers at Lomurro Munson LLC can determine your eligibility to recover benefits under the state workers’ compensation statute. Contact our office directly to learn more about how we may assist you with pursuing a workers’ compensation claim arising out of a volunteer activity.

Types of Volunteer Activities that may be Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits in New Jersey

There are several types of volunteer activities in New Jersey that may trigger workers’ compensation benefits eligibility in the event of an unexpected injury. Volunteers who may be eligible for these benefits under New Jersey workers’ compensation law include the following:

  • Volunteer firefighters
  • Volunteer rescue squad workers
  • Volunteer first aid personnel
  • Members of a board of education
  • Auxiliary or reserve police officers
  • Appointed officials
  • Elected officials


Scope of Coverage

Volunteers in New Jersey who fall into any of the above-referenced categories – and who are injured in an activity that takes place while they are volunteering – can recover workers’ compensation benefits. By way of example, a volunteer firefighter in New Jersey can recover workers’ compensation benefits for any injuries which he or she suffers on duties for the volunteer fire department. These duties can include fire department emergency drills and fighting a fires, amongst other activities suffered while assisting during a fire.

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If you suffer one or more injuries during the course of a volunteer activity, you may be entitled to pursue and recover benefits through the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation System. The experienced legal team at Lomurro Munson LLC can assist you with making a claim for benefits, including compensation for all related medical bills and expenses.

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