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How at Risk are Truck Drivers with the COVID-19 Outbreak?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Auto Accidents, Personal Injury |

With many people staying at home as much as they can during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still many essential businesses and stores operating. In addition, households need food, cleaning supplies, and other essential goods to get them through this stressful time, and these goods need to be transported to stores. Many people are opting to order many items online, which then requires delivery to your doorstep.

While some people are not working, the trucking industry is still very much in operation, which is needed to stock store shelves and make deliveries. Truck driver safety is important to prevent accidents, so the question arises: how at risk are truck drivers with the COVID-19 outbreak?

Health Risks

Truck drivers are on the road during this crisis, but does this mean they are putting their health at risk? Many truck stop restaurants and facilities have shut down or are only offering takeout options to maintain social distancing, which means that truck drivers are not congregating in these establishments. As long as drivers use no-contact methods of getting food and beverages, and they regularly wash or sanitize their hands, their risk is likely not much higher than others. After all, they are not dealing with customers on a regular basis, and drivers spend most of their hours alone in the cabs of their trucks. Drivers should be sure to use appropriate caution when loading or unloading their trucks, fueling up, and getting other necessities from convenience stores.

Safety Concerns

While drivers might take necessary precautions to prevent the contraction of COVID-19, there are other safety concerns to address. With the need for transportation and delivery of goods greater than ever right now, truck drivers are often working long hours. Even if a driver is within the hours of service restrictions, working several consecutive long days can wear on a person quickly. Many drivers are maxing out their hours on the highway, which can lead to serious fatigue, especially if a driver is not used to working that much. This presents the risk of drowsy truck drivers who lose focus or even fall asleep at the wheel.

There are other effects of driving for long hours during this outbreak. Drivers who usually take regular breaks to stretch their legs, grab a meal or snack, and chat with people at a restaurant or truck stop, might be stopping much less than usual. Some drivers are only stopping when absolutely necessary due to the risks and hygiene requirements of entering a business. This results in longer hours spent sitting down, as well as increased feelings of loneliness.

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