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The Importance of Taking Photos after a Car Accident

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2020 | Auto Accidents |

When it comes to car accidents, New Jersey is a no-fault state. This means that if you are injured in a car accident, you must first look to your own insurance company for certain benefits like pay of your medical bills, regardless of which driver caused the accident. In some you may be able to file a claim for damages against the at-fault driver.

In either instance, taking photos after a car accident is extremely important for documentation and other related purposes. If you have suffered an injury in a car accident, the experienced Freehold, New Jersey car accident attorneys at Lomurro Law are ready to help with seeking the monetary compensation that you need. Please call us today to learn more about how we can assist you in pursuing your claim and the damages you need.

Why Take Photos after a New Jersey Car Accident?

Taking photos after a New Jersey car accident is an extremely important thing to do. One of the most important reasons for taking multiple photos after a car accident is documentation. Following an accident, you may not have time to notice small details that may later become important. Taking multiple photographs helps you to preserve evidence that may later become essential evidence at a personal injury trial.

Car accident photographs can also be used to fill in gaps and provide details about the exact location of the accident, the precise injuries that the accident victim sustained (and possibly the mechanism of injury), and the weather and traffic conditions in existence at the time the accident occurred.

Finally, in complex accident cases, photographs taken at the scene can help investigators piece together exactly what happened and how the accident likely occurred under the circumstances.

What Should You Take Photos Of?

Following a New Jersey car accident, you should take as many photos as possible. Specifically, you should make sure to photograph the following:

  • The accident scene – By taking photos of the accident scene and surrounding area, you record important details, including the physical location, car parts or other debris in the roadway, and skid marks that may become important later on.
  • Your injuries – Insurance companies will do everything they possibly can to downplay the nature and extent of your injuries. Therefore, it is best to take photos of any injuries that you sustained at the accident scene, including cuts, bruises, and lacerations, since these injuries often heal in a relatively short period of time.
  • Witnesses – You should also take photographs of all individuals who were involved in the accident, as well as first responders and witnesses who came to the scene following the accident.

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