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Criminal Charges for Social Distancing Violations

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2020 | Criminal Law |

In the current age of COVID-19, governors across the country have imposed social distancing and mask-wearing requirements for when individuals are out in public. In addition, the ability to hold large gatherings has been significantly restricted.

However, that did not stop a recent arrest for social distancing violations at a house party that occurred at a New Jersey mansion this past August. The alleged host of that party was apparently arrested. The charge was for recklessly creating a risk of widespread damage or injury to other individuals. In addition, the alleged party host received a criminal summons for violating the governor’s executive order regarding social distancing requirements, selling alcohol without a license, and maintaining a nuisance in the neighborhood where the house party apparently occurred.

At least one individual who attended the party also indicated that partygoers were ignoring the social distancing rules that were in effect at that time.

Regulations in Effect at the Time of the House Party Host’s Arrest

At the time when the house party took place, the governor of New Jersey had reduced the indoor gathering limit to 25% of an establishment’s full capacity. Moreover, full capacity was reduced from 100 people down to 25 people. According to the governor, the main reason for this reduction was that there were a significant number of house parties that had been taking place throughout the state, which had the potential to spread COVID-19.

Under the executive order that was then in place, gatherings with a maximum of 500 people that took place outdoors were permitted. However, everyone who attended the gathering was required to keep at least six feet of distance from others and was required to wear a face covering that covered both the nose and the mouth of the wearer.

Civil Liability for Violating COVID-19 Restrictions

Throughout the country, various states and governors have been putting executive orders into effect to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. If a person becomes infected, he or she can develop significant respiratory symptoms, which in some cases has led to death.

In addition to potential criminal charges for violating an executive order pertaining to COVID-19, certain states across the country are exploring the possibility of civil liability when a business owner violates a COVID-19 restriction that is on the books. However, proving that a person contracted COVID-19 at a business establishment that was not adhering to mandated social distancing and mask-wearing requirements can be extremely difficult.

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