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Self-Driving Semi-Trucks and Roadways

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Self-driving semi-trucks and tractor-trailers are no longer a thing of the past. These vehicles are currently being tested on roadways and will likely be hitting the road in full force soon. These new self-operating trucks will not need a driver to be behind the wheel in case something goes wrong. However, the advent of this new motor vehicle technology still creates the risk of accidents on New Jersey roadways.

Truck accidents can result in serious injuries, including bone fractures, traumatic head and brain injuries, and soft tissue injuries. The main reason for this is that semi-trucks are much larger than ordinary passenger vehicles. When these trucks collide with a smaller vehicle at a high rate of speed, a serious collision can happen that leads to numerous personal injuries and damages for the vehicle occupants.

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Self-Driving Semi-Trucks and How They Work

Self-driving semi-trucks are currently being tested on roadways today. In general, these vehicles work in much the same way as driverless cars work. Specifically, these vehicles rely upon numerous sensors, cameras, and light detection devices to operate properly. These vehicles are also equipped with technology to prevent blind spots, and they use antennas to communicate with other vehicles, as far as speed, acceleration, and distance are concerned.

However, driverless semi-trucks are not intended to operate with a human driver as back up. Therefore, a human driver will not even need to be behind the wheel as these vehicles operate.

Potential Claims and Lawsuits

Given that the technology associated with driverless trucks has not yet been perfected, there is a likelihood that accidents involving these vehicles will occur on New Jersey roadways. One further complication is the fact that there is not a tremendous amount of statutory law or case law pertaining to motor vehicle accidents that are caused by driverless trucks. Consequently, the laws are being created as the legal issues arise.

Given that a human driver will not likely be present, an individual who is injured in an accident that was caused by a driverless truck can assert a personal injury claim against the truck manufacturer and/or the manufacturer of the technology that malfunctioned (or that was defective) at the time of the accident.

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