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How 3D Printing Might Help Injury Claims

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Additive manufacturing, which is sometimes known as three-dimensional printing, has been transforming personal injury lawsuits vis-a-vis the way evidence can now be presented at civil jury trials.

In a plaintiff’s personal injury case, the accident victim has the burden of proof. This means that he or she must demonstrate that the at-fault person or entity acted reasonably under the circumstances. Moreover, the accident victim has the burden of proving damages. This means that there must be a causal connection between the injuries sustained and the accident. A 3-D model of the injuries sustained, especially a soft tissue injury, can help to depict the severity of the injury in a way that is more tangible than a flat, black-and-white, two-dimensional bottle.

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Benefits of 3D Imaging

There are many benefits associated with three-dimensional imaging that may help a personal injury case, most especially during negotiations and at trial. A 3-D image of an injured body part, such as a person’s cervical spinal column, for example, is something that an insurance company’s adjuster can actually look at and observe concrete damage that was done in an accident. The adjuster can even touch the injury, in a manner of speaking.

These images can also be color-coded to draw attention to specific injuries, and even to hardware that may have been installed in the accident victim’s body during a surgical procedure.

Use at Trial

In a personal injury case that involves complicated injuries, the accident victim’s lawyer will often retain the services of a medical expert, such as an orthopedic surgeon or another specialist, to explain the mechanics of the injury, how it occurred, and any permanent impacts that the injury may cause the accident victim. In years past, doctors have simply pointed to two- dimensional black-and-white imaging studies, such as MRIs and x-rays, while they are testifying at trial. However, a three-dimensional model of the injury is a much better tool to explain the severity of the injury to jury members. These models can also help jury members see exactly what the doctor is describing while he or she testifies about the accident victim’s injuries on the witness stand.

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