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Large passenger vans require special driving skills

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Auto Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motor vehicle accidents on New Jersey roads come in a wide variety of outcomes. While typical serious crash results in one or two critical injuries, occasionally accidents have multiple people who need medical attention.

These accidents bring attention to the need for people operating larger vehicles to practice extra care when transporting passengers.

One person was killed and 13 injured in Mercer County

A report from 6 ABC Action News provided the details of a single-vehicle crash on 1-295. A passenger van flipped in the afternoon, killing one person and causing injuries to 13 people in the van. After flipping over, the van started to catch fire, but a man happened on the scene and used a fire extinguisher to suppress the flames.

Observers described the scene as “horrific,” with many people in pain from injuries. Observers reported the injuries as serious and first responders rushed the victims to the hospital. Initial reports said that investigators had not yet determined a cause for the crash.

Passenger vans require special skills and attention

Information from Career Trend shows that driving a large passenger van calls for a solid focus on the task at hand. In many situations, the driver does not need a special driver’s license.  However, a van, due to its size, weight and length, handles differently than smaller vehicles.

The driver should allow more room to maneuver and should get used to relying on side-view mirrors for changing lanes and other actions. Vans carrying weight or multiple passengers are also prone to roll-over accidents. A van has reduced braking time due to its weight.  Inexperienced drivers may have difficulty controlling the van in challenging road situations.