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How may a driver cause accidents in icy weather?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Because of snowy or icy conditions during the winter months, New Jersey roads can become slippery and more dangerous to drive on. When it comes to icy roads, drivers should make sure not to drive too fast for conditions. This means taking actions like reducing your driving speed so you may react to events in enough time to prevent a bad outcome.

Unfortunately, not all drivers practice safe driving practices in wintery conditions. When someone disregards the need for more cautious driving, it can result in any number of traffic violations and possibly a serious accident.

How to drive during icy conditions

Ice and snow on a road make it harder for vehicle tires to retain traction. According to AAA, drivers should slow their speeds to compensate for the reduced traction. Motorists should also accelerate or decelerate at a slower pace. Maintaining antilock brakes may also assist in icy conditions, and drivers should also remember to push on their brakes with the ball of their foot to maintain firm and steady pressure.

Examples of accidents in winter weather

People who do not adjust their driving for winter conditions risk losing control at crucial moments. A driver who goes too fast towards a traffic light may lack enough time to slow down when the signal turns yellow and could slide through the intersection. A motorist could also skid past a stop sign for similar reasons.

Slippery conditions may also cause trouble if a driver needs to suddenly slow down to avoid hitting another vehicle. In icy weather, drivers should widen their following distance to gain additional seconds to come to a stop. Motorists who go too fast could rear-end someone else’s car. The icy road could then push the rear-ended vehicle into another automobile, causing a chain reaction that inflicts injuries on multiple motorists and passengers.

Slippery conditions are no excuse

Given that drivers are under the obligation to adjust their driving for icy weather, another person cannot claim slippery conditions as an excuse for colliding with you if the person drove too fast for the conditions on the road. If you should suffer injuries or vehicle damage, you retain the option to seek compensation.