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Dangerous roads in Monmouth County

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Auto Accidents |

Part of being a defensive driver is knowing where the danger is on the roads. Monmouth County is one of the busiest counties for traffic here in New Jersey, with some roads being more dangerous than others. When you pass through the county, you should know which roads are more prone to accidents.

The most dangerous roads

Every road has the potential to be the next site of a deadly accident, but some roads are more likely to experience them than others. Some of the most dangerous roads include:

  • State Road 36
  • Route 18
  • State Route 34
  • County Route 537

If you live in Monmouth County, it may not be surprising to learn that these are some of the most dangerous roads, but the reasons behind these accidents may be.

What can cause accidents on these roads

There are many different causes of car accidents, many coming from overconfidence in reckless drivers. For those who spend years driving along these roads, it can be natural for them to gain a false sense of security in their driving skills. This confidence can result in drivers taking on more distractions while driving or being reckless in construction areas or other dangerous road conditions.

Do not take your safety for granted

Even drivers who have never gotten into an accident their entire lives are still vulnerable to getting into a catastrophic accident within a mile of their home. Whether you are driving on these or any other dangerous roads in Monmouth County, make sure you look out for possible reckless drivers and avoid reckless driving habits yourself.