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What complications can result from spinal cord injuries?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Personal Injury |

On their own, the immediate effects of spinal cord injuries prove challenging for many. Additionally, however, those who suffer such trauma must also contend with the potential secondary complications.

The complications commonly associated with SCIs may lead to a worsened health condition or, in some cases, death.

Skin issues

Full or partial loss of sensation and movement often results from spinal cord injuries. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, because of the loss of feeling, those with SCIs often have an increased risk of pressure sores. For instance, unable to feel, people may not realize their skin has suffered irritation or damage from staying too long in one position. As a result, they will possibly develop these often difficult to resolve sores.

Bladder problems

Depending on various factors, those who suffer spine trauma also sometimes struggle with regular urination. According to, due to bladder control problems, those with SCIs commonly have an increased likelihood of developing urinary tract or kidney infections, as well as kidney and bladder stones.

Respiratory illnesses

Due to the level of their injuries, among other factors, some with spinal cord injuries have breathing difficulties. Consequently, they have a greater chance of developing serious respiratory illnesses, such as pneumonia, which may cause them worsened conditions or death.

The initial treatment of spinal cord injuries focuses on the stabilization of the injuries. Ongoing care, however, often emphasizes the prevention and treatment of any resulting complications. If their conditions occurred due to another’s actions, those who suffer SCIs may consider options like taking action to recover compensation for their injury-associated losses.