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Tips for sharing the road with motorcycles

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motorcycle season is in full swing, and drivers must demonstrate increased awareness of bikers. Most people worry about the winter months when it comes to driving. However, the summer months are far more prone to accidents. A significant factor is the disproportionate number of motorcyclists contributing to traffic fatalities.

According to the latest findings by the National Safety Council, motorcycles contribute to 14 percent of traffic fatalities but only represent three percent of registered vehicles. To avoid adding to this statistic, see below for tips on sharing the road with motorcycles.

Pass with care

Passing motorcycles requires more care than the typical passenger vehicle. If you pass too closely behind a biker, you might cause a gust of wind to knock them over.

Do not tailgate

Many people are guilty of tailgating. This bad habit is hazardous for bikers. Motorcycles might have to slow down suddenly or maneuver around an obstacle in the road. Most rear-end accidents with passenger vehicles do not have fatal consequences. However, running into the back of a motorcycle is much more dangerous for the rider.

Turn off your brights

Most motorcycle riders do not ride at night. If you come across a biker after the sun sets, take care to dim your headlights. Never pass in opposite directions with your high beams, as the momentary blindness might cause the biker to crash.

Sharing the road with motorcycles requires attention to your surroundings and common courtesy. Most riders follow traffic laws because riding a bike brings significant risk. Please respect bikers on the road by giving them plenty of space.