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The loss of your passport due to child support

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Family Law |

If you have to pay child support, it is essential to understand the many different penalties that you could face if you fall behind. For example, losing your driver’s license and tax refunds could create various problems, and you might face the threat of arrest and time behind bars. Additionally, you should understand that child support problems can impact your passport.

Losing your passport due to back child support could interfere with business, prevent you from attending an important family event or force you to cancel a trip you have planned for many years.

Child support and passport problems

The Department of State says that parents who owe at least$2,500 in unpaid child support cannot receive U.S. passports, and they inform parents in this position to pay arrears to the agency in their state prior to submitting a passport application. It is also important to note that the government revokes passports due to back child support.

If you want to pay back support to restore your passport privileges, you should understand that it can take a few weeks for the government to clear your name.

Paying child support and protecting your passport

If you owe back support, it is critical to do what you can to safeguard your passport privileges and other facets of your life, including your freedom.

Staying current can become challenging for different reasons, such as losing your job and suffering from a costly health condition. Also, getting caught up can seem impossible if you owe months’ worth of back support. However, you could have options on the table, from setting up a payment plan and adjusting your financial habits to modifying your child support order.