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What are some dangers specific to truck crashes?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | Auto Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

No matter what vehicle you are in, you may feel intimidated by a large truck that pulls up alongside you or behind you.

Dealing with trucks on the road can lead to specific problems and life-threatening accidents. Learning about how trucks are different than cars or motorcycles can help you if you get hurt in a crash.

Blind spots

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, since the sides, back and front of a truck have spots where the driver cannot see another person or vehicle, they need to be more cautious when operating their truck. When on a highway, a negligent trucker may change lanes or slow down without looking at their mirrors or checking their blind spots.

A trucker that does not look can end up blocking your lane or hitting your vehicle.

Shorter stopping distance

Even when a driver slams the brakes as early as they can to prevent a crash, a heavier and larger vehicle will still need more time to come to a complete stop. If truckers do not stay aware of their necessary stopping distance, a simple distraction or a car turning out in front of them could leave them at risk for a crash.

Extreme turns

Since trucks are top-heavy, suddenly turning the wheel too far can send them into a rollover accident. This happens when a truck’s weight causes it to lean forward and roll onto another vehicle.

When a truck crash devastates your physical health, you should make sure to know the dangers of these vehicles