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3 potential sources of facts in a motor vehicle injury case

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There are many variables in a typical injury case. When the case stems from the trauma and chaos of a car crash, those variables tend to multiply.

There is the potential for equipment failure, driver negligence and, in the case of commercial vehicles, a long list of neglected duties on the part of various third parties. Bringing this all together into a cohesive argument starts with collecting evidence at the time and the scene of the collision.

1. The accident report

As close as possible to the time of an accident, a reliable person usually fills out an accident report. This might seem like an authoritative document, especially with everything else that is happening at a typical crash scene.

Depending too much on an accident report would show an incomplete picture of the events. Luckily, there is often other evidence available.

2. Physical evidence at the scene

Photographs, videos and other types of evidence could support arguments against defendants in a personal injury case. For example, a skid mark on the pavement might indicate the speed, braking location and trajectory of a vehicle. Pictures of roads or vehicles might indicate unacceptable levels of disrepair that contributed to the accident.

3. Computer recordings

Although it is not common knowledge, many commercial and passenger vehicles now have computerized crash recorders similar to the familiar aircraft technology. These black boxes record large amounts of data that can often contribute to an understanding of what caused a collision.

It is typically important to collect all possible information as quickly as possible after a collision, especially one that involves severe injuries and commercial trucks. This prevents evidence loss from weathering, scene contamination or intentional tampering.