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4 hot tub injuries that are more common than you might think

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2023 | Personal Injury |

As a hot tub owner, you might look forward to unwinding in your spa after a long day. You might think twice before inviting guests to enjoy the hot tub with you, though. Hot tub injuries are more common than you might think.

Addressing these hazards before sharing your spa with others can encourage safety and diminish injury liability.

1. Slip and falls

Hot tubs and their surrounding surfaces are notoriously slippery, which can lead to severe head trauma and drowning. Consider installing additional accessories, such as handlebars and grip treads, to promote safety.

2. Bacterial infections

Due to the water’s warm temperature, hot tubs can become a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. For this reason, it is imperative to keep the tub’s chlorine and pH levels balanced.

3. Suction entrapment

Hot tub pumps create powerful suction to filter the tub’s water, but this suction action can cause significant injury and even death. Hair, limbs, jewelry and clothes can become trapped in the drain pipes. Disembowelment is also possible if someone sits on a drain. While both children and adults can succumb to the filter’s vacuum action, children are especially vulnerable. You can take preventive measures to minimize hot tub entrapment injury risks. Frequently inspect all drain covers to ensure they are intact, advise occupants to stay clear of drains and keep the emergency shutoff accessible.

4. Burns

Water that is too hot can cause painful burns, especially for those with sensitive skin. The CDC recommends keeping hot tub water at or below 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Proper maintenance, safety accessory additions and clear instructions can reduce the injury risks associated with hot tub use.