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The state of New Jersey takes drunk driving offenses very seriously and imposes strict punishments for multiple convictions. Many other states have additional laws governing felony DUI charges. However, in New Jersey, DUI convictions are classified as traffic offenses as opposed to indictable criminal offenses. Despite this, there are still very real consequences if you have a prior history of DUI convictions. The team of DUI defense lawyers at Lomurro Law work hard to keep up with recent developments to ensure that you receive the latest and most accurate legal advice and representation.

Even Though DUI Offenses Do Not Lead To Felony Charges, Penalties Are Severe And Long-Term

While some states provide for enhanced penalties for felony DUI convictions, New Jersey’s DUI laws are similarly harsh despite only being classified as traffic offenses. A single DUI conviction may cause you to pay fines of up to $400, spend at least 48 hours at the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC) and lose your driver’s license for up to one year. A second conviction leads to increased fines, the potential for additional jail time and a suspension of your driver’s license for two years. In addition, installation of an ignition interlock device is mandatory for second and subsequent offenses.

Additionally, there are enhanced penalties for DUI offenses that occur in a school zone on school property or within 1000 feet of such property. There are also significant penalties for underage persons convicted of DUI. Despite not classifying DUI convictions as criminal offenses, New Jersey laws still provide for serious penalties that may impact your personal and professional life long after your offense.

Personalized Representation For All Types Of DUI Offenses

Our dedicated and experienced DUI defense attorneys have represented clients throughout the state in a wide variety of cases ranging from relatively minor to very serious. We routinely accept cases involving:

Regardless of what type of DUI charges you may be facing, we’re ready to stand up for you. We take the time to fully investigate your case and develop a strong defense plan to help you achieve the favorable results you need to move on with your life.

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While the term felony DUI doesn’t apply to New Jersey’s DUI laws, it is important to note that the penalties are just as severe. If you’ve been charged with any type of DUI offense, our New Jersey DUI defense attorneys have the resources and advice you need to resolve your case. Our main office is in Freehold, and we can meet you in person or by videoconference. Call 732-482-9285 or send an email today.