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New Jersey DUI Attorneys Defend Underage DUI Cases

New Jersey, like the rest of the country, has enacted laws that prohibit underage drinking and driving. For drivers over the age of 21, a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or higher may result in a DUI conviction. However, for drivers under the age of 21, the legal limit is much lower – .01%. At Lomurro Munson LLC, our criminal defense attorneys are experienced in underage DUI charges and ensure your legal rights are protected throughout the case.

An Underage DUI Claim May Have Serious Consequences

The state of New Jersey takes underage drinking and driving very seriously. Studies have shown that underage drinkers are much more likely to be involved in alcohol-related traffic accident deaths when compared to drivers over the age of 21. Therefore, underage drinking and driving charges often carry stiffer penalties.

Because New Jersey is a zero-tolerance state when it comes to underage drinking and driving, the legal limit for drivers under the age of 21 is .01%. It is possible that a driver’s blood alcohol level would exceed .01% without having finished one beer or glass of wine.

For a first time offender, the penalties for underage DUI are as follows:

  • Loss or postponement of driving privileges for a period of between 30 and 90 days
  • Between 15 and 30 days of community service
  • Enrollment in an alcohol and traffic safety course
  • Between 2 and 90 days of imprisonment
  • A fine of between $500 and $1000
  • A license suspension of 90 days

The penalties become more severe if the driver has previously been convicted of DUI.

Additional Charges Related To Underage DUI

Often, an underage driver arrested for DUI is charged with other crimes as well. These may include:

  • Minor in possession
  • Child endangerment law violations
  • Providing alcohol to other minors (if there were underage drunk passengers in the vehicle)
  • Soliciting alcohol
  • Possessing false identification, if a fake ID was used to purchase alcohol
  • Other traffic violations the law enforcement officer witnessed (running a stop sign, etc.)

The underage driver may quickly accumulate several charges during a single traffic stop.

Defenses To Underage DUI Charges

If you (or your son or daughter) have been charged with underage DUI, there may be defenses you are able to raise. With an experienced criminal defense attorney, you have a much greater chance of defending against these charges and having them reduced or even dismissed.

For example, for every traffic stop, the law enforcement officer must have a valid reason for pulling the driver over. If there was no valid reason for the stop, the DUI charges may ultimately be dismissed if it is proven that the driver’s constitutional rights were violated. Simply because a driver is under 21 years old does not mean that the Constitution does not apply.

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