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Enforcement Of Orders

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When a court issues an order, the parties are legally obligated to abide by the order. If one party violates or refuses to comply with a court order, the other party can enforce the order with the help of our lawyers at Lomurro Law.

If someone fails to follow a court order and the other party files a Motion to Enforce, the individual who does not comply with the order may face significant penalties.

Contact our experienced family law attorneys at Lomurro Law, to help you with the enforcement of orders in your case.

When Can You Enforce A Court Order In New Jersey?

When one party does not follow a court order, the other party can hold the noncompliant party accountable for their failure to abide by the order.

If your former spouse fails to follow the court order and your attempts to resolve the matter out of court have been unsuccessful, you can file a Motion to Enforce Litigants’ Rights.

If the party continues to disobey the court order, you should hire a skilled attorney to hold the noncompliant party in contempt of court. Some of the most common court orders that can be enforced by the court include:

Enforcement Of Court Orders In Monmouth County

You can enforce a court order when the other party fails to follow the order. For example, enforcement of order may be warranted when any of the following occurs:

  1. The other parent does not follow a custody order or child parenting time plan
  2. Your former spouse fails to make alimony or child support payments
  3. Your former spouse refuses to comply with a court order regarding the property division

Enforcing A Child Custody Order In Monmouth County

One of the ways our family lawyers at Lomurro Law can help you enforce a child custody order is to file a Motion to Enforce Litigants’ Rights. The noncompliant parent may face fines and even incarceration for failing to follow a custody order.

Enforcing A Child Support Order In Monmouth County

When the parent who was ordered to make child support payments fails to fulfill his or her obligations under the order, the receiving parent can pursue an enforcement action.

When the other parent refuses to pay or falls behind on payments, child support payments can be enforced through the following sanctions:

  1. Wage garnishment
  2. Income tax refund offset
  3. Seizure of property

Enforcing An Alimony Order In Monmouth County

If your former spouse falls behind on alimony payments, you can seek to enforce the spousal support order through enforcement action.

Wage garnishment is the most common way to enforce a court-ordered alimony agreement in New Jersey. It is vital to discuss your particular case with our family law attorneys at Lomurro Law, to find out how you can enforce an alimony order in your case.

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It is advisable to contact a skilled lawyer to help with the enforcement of a court order in your specific situation. Schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable and results-driven lawyers at Lomurro Law, to enforce a court order in your case.

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