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Helping Patients Injured By Many Types Of Medication Mistakes

Pharmaceuticals provide many benefits for patients in the United States. The right medication can manage or relieve the symptoms of a medical condition or cure the condition altogether. When you receive any type of medical diagnosis, chances are you will also receive a prescription for one or more medications. In addition, if you are admitted to the hospital, staff members will likely administer multiple types of medication on a regular basis.

While medication can be helpful, it can also cause harm when administered incorrectly. Doctors and hospitals can make many types of errors when it comes to medications, and some medications can be inherently dangerous, as well. If you suffered injuries stemming from a prescription or over-the-counter product, you should contact a medication error attorney in Freehold as soon as possible.

Common Medication Errors

As mentioned, there are many kinds of possible medication errors that can result in unnecessary harm and complications for patients. Some common errors include:

  • Prescription mistakes – There are many errors that doctors can make when prescribing medication. For example, a doctor may not inquire or identify any medication allergies or possible adverse reactions with current medications the patient is taking. Pharmacists may also make mistakes when filling a medication.
  • Administration mistakes – Hospital staff members are responsible for handing out thousands of pills on a daily basis. If they fail to keep accurate records or check records, many dangerous mistakes can occur. A patient may receive a double dose, possibly leading to overdose symptoms. Patients may miss a dose that was necessary to keep their condition stable. Patients may also get the wrong medication, which could be harmful to them as well as deprive them of the medication they needed.
  • Harmful products – Pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars selling a variety of products to consumers for healthcare. These manufacturers have a duty to only sell safe medications, though many pharmaceuticals make it onto the market with the potential for dangerous side effects. Companies may not provide proper warnings to consumers about the risks of a medication until it is too late, and the consumer suffered serious effects and injuries.

Holding Doctors And Companies Accountable

When a medical professional, hospital, or pharmaceutical company breaches its duty of care and causes harm, the negligent party should be held fully accountable for the losses of injured patients. Patients may need extended hospitalization or medical treatment they would not have needed if the error had not occurred. Sometimes, the effects of a medication error can be life-threatening. If you or a loved one suffered harm, you need legal representation you can trust right away.

Contact A Medication Error Lawyer In Freehold, New Jersey

Medical malpractice claims are complicated to prove, and doctors and hospitals will do everything they can to fight against liability. Similarly, taking on a large pharmaceutical corporation over a dangerous medication is intimidating – and for good reason. No matter who was liable for your medication error, you need an aggressive law firm that will stand up for your rights. Call Lomurro, Munson, Comer, Brown & Schottland, LLC, at 732-482-9285 or contact us online to discuss a possible case for free.