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Are Motorcycles Covered By New Jersey No-Fault Insurance?

In New Jersey, motorcyclists do not have the option of no-fault coverage. If another driver contributed fault for your accident, though, you may have the right to seek compensation for your damages by filing an insurance claim or, if necessary, a personal injury lawsuit.

We understand that insurance issues as they relate to motorcycle accidents are incredibly complicated. That’s why we at Lomurro, Munson, Comer, Brown & Schottland, LLC, can handle them for you. Our team of trial attorneys serves clients throughout the Monmouth County region who have suffered devastating injuries in a motorcycle crash.

Understanding No-Fault Coverage For Riders

Also referred to as personal injury protection, no-fault insurance provides coverage for policyholders who have damages but are at fault for their accident. Unfortunately, the state does not allow this type of coverage for motorcycle riders. If you need to recover compensation, you must pursue a claim against the other party’s insurer. As long as you do not have more than 50% fault in the crash, you have the right to seek financial recovery for medical bills and other damages. Your settlement or award, however, decreases proportionately depending on your share of fault.

We Can Still Help You

It is normal to feel overwhelmed or frightened by the prospect of paying your bills after a motorcycle crash. Even if you share a portion of the fault in an accident, do not give up hope. Instead, speak with one of our attorneys. We will look for all potential sources of compensation and work to recover the maximum available. Remember, you should always speak with a personal injury attorney before you accept a settlement from an insurance company.

Discuss Your Motorcycle Accident With A Lawyer

Do you have more questions about at-fault insurance laws and how they apply to you? Get in touch with our team. One of our experienced lawyers can discuss your claim in a completely free initial consultation. If you need, we can visit you in the hospital. Please call Call or send us an email to learn more.