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In the United States, a total of 4,836 people died in workplace accidents in 2015, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, a slight increase over the previous year and the highest level since 2008. Of those fatal accidents, 97 took place in New Jersey. Fatal work accidents can be calamitous for the surviving family, who not only have suffered a terrible emotional loss, but also the loss of a wage earner. The New Jersey accident attorneys at Lomurro Munson LLC in Monmouth County help New Jersey families who are facing the loss of a loved one due to a workplace accident. We advocate on behalf of injured victims and their families, successfully obtaining just compensation for their suffering and loss.

Eligibility For Death Benefits

When an individual is involved in a fatal work accident, New Jersey’s workers’ compensation may provide death benefits to that individual’s surviving dependents. Dependents of the deceased are considered the surviving spouse and any dependent children who lived in the same household with the decedent and were dependent upon that individual for financial support. Surviving spouses, children or other family members who did not live in the same household as the deceased must prove dependency in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Cause Of Workplace Death

The workplace must be the cause of death in order for the family to be eligible for death benefits. Specifically, the fatal accident must have occurred at work, the death must be due to a workplace injury, or be related to an occupational injury. For workers who had health conditions or diseases unrelated to their work, if a workplace injury contributed to their death, the surviving dependents may still be eligible for death benefits.

Deadlines For Filing For Death Benefits

Every state has laws regarding the time allowed to file a lawsuit in the court system. In the state of New Jersey, the statute of limitations for wrongful death claims is two years from the date of the decedent’s death. Claims must be filed before this deadline. Failure to do so will result in not having your case heard at any time in the New Jersey courts, and you will not be eligible to receive any compensation for your loss.

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The New Jersey accident attorneys at Lomurro Munson LLC in Monmouth County bring a shared 130 years’ experience to each and every case. With a demonstrated track record of success, our attorneys are skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated to protecting the rights of New Jersey families who have lost loved ones in fatal workplace accidents. Let us help you receive the compensation you deserve for your loss. Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your case by contacting our office at 732-482-9285 or send us an online message. We are available to meet with you at our Freehold office or by videoconference.