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Muscle tears, contusions, and musculoskeletal injuries are examples of soft tissue injuries that individuals commonly suffer in motor vehicle collisions and other accidents. Although these injuries do not involve broken bones, they can still be extremely painful and result in significant medical treatment, including injections and physical therapy. If you have suffered a muscular tear or some other soft tissue injury as a result of another person’s negligence, you may be eligible to recover monetary compensation.

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How Do Soft Tissue Injuries Typically Occur?

Soft tissue injuries can occur in a variety of circumstances. One of the most common causes of soft tissue injuries is a motor vehicle accident. Motor vehicle accidents can cause drivers and passengers to be thrown around the car and jerked back and forth (or from side to side) in a very abrupt manner. This rapid movement can cause the accident victim to suffer soft tissue neck, back, and shoulder injuries, including muscular tears and strains.

Motor vehicle occupants can also suffer a serious musculoskeletal injury when a part of their body strikes something inside the vehicle, such as the headrest, steering wheel, console, or window, in an accident.

Recovering Damages In A Soft Tissue Injury Case

Victims of soft tissue injuries may be able to file an insurance claim or lawsuit in the court system for monetary damages, assuming the injuries are causally related to the accident. In addition to recovering compensation for related medical procedures (such as injections or surgeries), physical therapy, and other treatment, accident victims may be able to pursue compensation for lost wages resulting from missed work time. In many instances, accident victims must miss time away from their jobs because of pain – and in order to attend medical and physical therapy appointments.

Finally, accident victims who suffer soft tissue injuries may be able to make a claim for pain and suffering. These damages compensate accident victims for all of the suffering, pain, and inconvenience that results from the soft tissue injury, as well as for the loss of use of a body part and lost life enjoyment.

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