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Investigating Loading Errors As A Factor In Truck Accidents

There are millions of commercial trucks registered in the United States, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). With this constant cargo transport comes the risk of serious truck accidents, some of which can be caused by the cargo itself. Improper loading – overloaded trucks and unsecured loads – is a contributing factor in many trucking accidents.

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What Are Some Common Cargo-Loading Errors?

Proper cargo loading is extremely important no matter what the cargo might be. Different types of cargo have different requirements, and each cargo-loading team should know the specific way to load each type of cargo. Unfortunately, many people are in a rush, are not paying attention or are simply careless, and this can lead to cargo-loading mistakes.

Some common cargo-loading mistakes that can lead to trucking crashes include the following:

  • Overloading cargo – Each type of truck has a specific weight limit when it is fully loaded, with the maximum limit being 80,000 pounds. Staying within this weight limit is important, as overloaded trailers can cause problems. Trailers that are too heavy can require additional stopping time or drivers might not be able to control the truck on declines or curves.
  • Improper securement – The FMCSA has strict regulations on cargo securement. There is no doubt that logs on the back of a flatbed trailer should be secured. However, items inside a closed trailer also need to be properly secured. If cargo-loading crews fail to secure cargo in a trailer, the cargo can shift as the truck driver turns or brakes. This can throw the entire trailer off balance, which can cause a runaway trailer, jackknife or rollover accident.
  • Tanker cargo – Tanker trucks transport liquid or gas cargo, which can often be hazardous materials. Liquid cargo needs to be properly measured when loaded, as a tanker that is only partially full can present risks. The liquid in a tanker can slosh back and forth if it is not full, which can move the trailer around and cause the driver to lose control. A spill can cause many problems, as everyone in the vicinity can be exposed to toxic chemicals or explosions may result.

Regulations regarding the loading of commercial trucks establish the limits for a load’s weight, length, size, width and height in addition to rules for properly securing a load. When these regulations are violated, that may constitute negligence on the part of the trucker or cargo-loading company. When there is an accident due to an overloaded truck or unsecured load, the injured party may find protection under personal injury law.

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