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The Successful Resolution Of Your Case Begins With An Honest Evaluation

During your initial meeting with a New Jersey personal injury attorney at Lomurro Law, the first question that must be addressed is whether you have a bona fide case. In order to confirm you do, we must verify two key points. The first is that your injury occurred within the past two years, and the second is that someone else’s carelessness or negligence contributed to or caused it. Once these questions have been answered, our experienced injury lawyers assess what your personal injury claim is worth in terms of compensation.

Financial Reparation Commonly Awarded In Personal Injury Cases

In most cases, the person who has been injured (plaintiff) sues the responsible party in order to recover expenses for immediate and ongoing medical treatment. However, plaintiffs can also sue for financial compensation for the following:

  • Lost income due to the inability to work – This includes the salary you’ve already lost and any that you will not receive as long as you are unable to work.
  • Pain and suffering – This usually refers to significant short- and long-term physical discomfort that occurred as a direct result of the incident that caused your injury.
  • Emotional distress – If you’ve experienced depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or similar issues after you were hurt
  • Property loss – For any items ruined in the accident that caused your injury

How much you can sue for – and the amount you will ultimately recover – depends on what you can provide your attorney with to bolster your claim. For example, the proof needed in order to win compensation for immediate and ongoing medical treatment includes copies of your medical records, including relevant bills. If you are pursuing compensation for emotional distress, you must show proof that you have experienced it and that it is directly related to your injury or the accident that caused it.

An Important Factor Affecting The Value Of Personal Injury Claims In New Jersey

So let’s say your attorney determines that someone else’s negligence clearly contributed to the accident that caused your injury. But then the defendant’s attorney contends that you were also at fault. How does this affect your claim? In New Jersey, the answer is simple. Under state law, if the case goes to trial and the jury is convinced that you were even partially to blame, it will be reflected in the final judgment. In other words, if the defendant successfully demonstrates that they are not entirely at fault, they are not required to make 100% of the financial reparations sought.

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If you’ve been hurt in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, it is important to talk to a skilled personal injury attorney as soon as possible. At Lomurro Law, your initial consultation includes a thorough review of your case by an experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer. Contact us online or call our Freehold office at 732-482-9285 to schedule a free consultation today. Injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no fees unless we win.