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In 2016, the United States Bureau of Labor measured three injury or illness cases in New Jersey per 100 full-time equivalent workers. That’s one in 33 workers who were injured or became ill on the job. If you are one of the unlucky people to suffer a work-related injury, you need the experience and skill of the New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyers at Lomurro Law to quickly get you back to work without financial stress and medical concerns.

What Medical Benefits Do I Get From My Employer For A Work-Related Injury?

The employer’s insurance carrier, or the employer if self-insured, pay all required and reasonable medical services related to your injury, including prescriptions and hospitalization. The employer can designate the doctor to treat your injuries. But if the employer refuses to provide you medical care or an emergency exists, you can choose the doctor. If that’s the case, notify your employer immediately of what treatment you received.

How Much Money Can I Get Paid While I Am Temporarily Disabled?

If you are unable to work and you are under active medical care for more than seven days, you are eligible to receive temporary total disability benefits. The weekly salary benefit is 70% of your average weekly wage at the time of your injury. The payment can’t exceed 75% of the Statewide Average Weekly Wage or come under 20% of the statewide average. In 2018, the maximum you can receive per week for temporary disability benefits is $903 – the minimum is $241.

How Long Will The Temporary Disability Payments Continue?

Your temporary disability benefits will stop when you are released from medical care and return to work, or you reach a point in your medical treatment where it no longer improves the medical condition that resulted from your work-related injury. The milestone may not leave you in the same position as before the injury. It’s important to see a workers’ compensation lawyer if you have lasting injuries from a work-related incident.

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If you were hurt on the job, the New Jersey workers’ comp lawyers at Lomurro Law have the experience and skill necessary to take on hard workers’ compensation cases from beginning to end – when you can return to work. If you have lasting injuries after temporary disability benefits end, it’s important to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer as soon as possible. Call us at 732-482-9285 or contact us online to arrange a meeting today.