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Study Shows DePuy Replacement Hips Prone To Problems

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2016 | Medical Malpractice |

Study Reveals Problems With DePuy Pinnacle Hip Devices

Cites metal contamination and poor manufacturing as key issues

A recent study featuring patients fitted with metal-on-metal DePuy Pinnacle hip implants seven to 13 years ago has prompted renewed concerns about the devices.

A British team led by Dr. David Langton conducted the research, which included annual evaluations of more than 350 patients. Of those, the researchers found that roughly 20 percent experienced complications requiring additional surgery. In all but one case, the presence of miniscule metal fragments in the blood and injuries stemming from it necessitated the extra surgery.

The study cites flawed design and manufacturing as the primary causes of the device failures. Its authors also claim that DePuy made fraudulent claims while promoting its product.

DePuy denies that is the case and says it is standing by its product. However, this is not the first time the embattled company has been forced to refute these sorts of accusations. In addition to having its products scrutinized in prior studies, DePuy is reportedly facing massive litigation in Texas federal courts. On top of all of that, several plaintiffs in a case pertaining to DePuy’s Pinnacle hip device received a substantial award earlier this year.

The types of injuries most often experienced by plaintiffs in these cases include metal poisoning, infections, bone damage, limited mobility and more. In most cases, these complications hamper or nullify the patient’s ability to work or engage in other daily activities.

Patients who file lawsuits after having hip replacement surgery and experiencing significant complications often sue DePuy and other manufacturers for financial compensation. In most cases, plaintiffs seek the money to help cover medical costs and to replace any lost income due to the inability to work. In some cases, they also seek financial reparations for pain and suffering.

Winning a case isn’t necessarily easy, however. First, a lawyer must be able to establish that someone’s carelessness caused your injury. This means there must be proof that the manufacturer failed to meet its obligations under the law. Specifically, the plaintiff must be able to show that the company made a shoddy product, used a faulty design or made false or fraudulent statements in its marketing campaign.

Simply having the surgery and then having a prolonged and uncomfortable recovery are not necessarily justifications for filing a lawsuit. If you think your doctor was to blame, your attorney must be able to show that the physician botched the operation or failed to advise you about the risks associated with the surgery.

The Mayo Clinic lists the common risks on its website. These include blood clots, infection, broken bones during surgery and dislocation after surgery. A noticeable difference in leg length after a hip replacement operation is also common.  Finally, the Mayo Clinic cites the need for further surgery and issues stemming from the use of metal-on-metal prostheses as complications.

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