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New Jersey Funeral Home Negligence

Coping with the death of a loved one is emotionally painful and can be difficult to manage. In addition to heartache, families are then tasked with arranging final disposition of their lost loved one. Families oftentimes find solace by collectively grieving the loss through funeral services. Unfortunately, families are often deprived of the final opportunity for closure by a funeral home or cemetery’s careless, reckless, and negligent acts.

As a surviving family member, you deserve and are entitled to the right to pay your final respects in accordance with your loved one’s wishes, family and cultural traditions, religious beliefs, and customs. This inherent right is strongly protected by State and Federal Law, as well as regulatory bodies that safeguard grieving families. Egregious mishandling of human remains is becoming more commonplace, adding debilitating and avoidable emotional distress.

New Jersey Law provides recourse for victims of funeral home and cemetery negligence, outrageous conduct, and fraud. The laws and regulations are in place to ensure that funeral services are performed in a manner which the family contracted for, without disturbance or mishandling of your deceased loved one.

Representing dozens of aggrieved families over the last several years, we understand the emotional toll such egregious acts may have on an individual or family. Our extensive experience with such matters has afforded us the opportunity to apply these stringent laws and unique knowledge to achieve success for our clients.

Common Types of Funeral Home Negligence:

  • Mishandling or losing a corpse
  • Losing cremated remains or providing wrong cremated remains
  • Presenting the wrong corpse
  • Burying the wrong corpse
  • Cremating a corpse prior to funeral services
  • Cremating a corpse without authorization
  • Improper embalming
  • Improper burial
  • Excessive decomposition and disfigurement
  • Burial in the wrong family plot
  • Improper disposition and treatment
  • Failure to adhere to final wishes
  • Fraud

If you and your family have experienced any of these disturbing acts, eligible family members and survivors have the right to legal recourse and compensation against the wrongdoers. Although nothing will ever remove the resulting pain and distress, we strive to hold funeral homes accountable for their wrongful acts in hope we can provide some peace and closure.  Please contact our firm at .