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3 types of severe truck accident injuries

On Behalf of | May 9, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

It is no secret that injuries can be expensive. However, few people realize exactly how expensive the entire recovery process might be for severe injuries.

There are many types of treatment that could be necessary for people with severe trauma. This article looks at a few types of injuries that are common in truck accident cases.

1. Coma

Extended loss of consciousness has the potential to be extremely expensive. It depends on the extent of the underlying injuries, but many coma patients need advanced equipment just to stay alive. Inpatient care is also common.

2. Burns

Severe burns are often an element of truck accident injury cases. This tends to happen when people are either trapped inside their vehicles or when they come into contact with heated metal from nearby fires as they attempt to exit the wreck. Burns are notoriously painful and often require therapy after treatment.

3. Lost limbs or scarring

Sometimes the damage to an extremity is so severe that amputation becomes necessary. There is a range of quality across prosthetics, therapy and even surgery that might make it unnecessary to amputate in the first place. A settlement that truly makes the person whole might seem to be an astronomical song, but, in reality, would be the true cost of a full recovery from such a catastrophic injury.

Insurance companies tend to have a very good idea of the potential cost of a given injury. To their advantage, they might include lower-cost cases in their statistical models — even when calculating the initial settlement for a severe injury. Such purportedly accurate lowball offers could put a person’s very life in danger.