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Steps to Take Before Telling Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2017 | Family Law |

Think twice before you utter the words, “I’m filing for a divorce!” to your spouse. If you are seriously contemplating ending your marriage, it is wise to plan, prepare, and protect yourself before announcing the news. Follow these important steps and then consult with an experienced divorce attorney before filing for divorce.

Update your passwords

In today’s digital age, we are required to use passwords for access to everything from bank accounts to library loans. Many of us use passwords that involve favorite places or children’s names; even password hints will be easy for a spouse to guess. So go through all of your accounts and change the passwords to something more difficult and challenging, using numbers and symbols whenever possible.

Make copies of important documents

Documents such as tax returns, mortgage statements, tuition payments, and credit card records are significant when dividing marital assets. Make copies of these and any receipts for large purchases – such as a car, boat, or furniture. In addition, make copies of birth certificates for any children, social security numbers, and recent bank statements. Return all the documents to their original location and then store the copies in a safe place, such as a separate safe deposit box outside of the home.

Write down contact information

In contested divorces, it is not uncommon for one spouse to withhold the contact information for the child’s doctor, teacher, or babysitter. Before you find yourself in this situation, write down the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of everyone from the family physician and the school nurse to the dog walker and caregiver.

Copy family photos

If you face a child custody battle, there will likely be allegations that your spouse is better suited to receive custody of your children. Start collecting evidence that you are an involved, loving, responsible parent to your children. Make copies of family photos and videos and return everything to its original place so you do not run the risk of being accused of any wrongdoing.

Watch your credit

Many married couples open bank accounts and credit cards in both spouses’ names. This is fine until one spouse files for divorce and then things can change dramatically. Prior to announcing you are filing for divorce, check your credit report and make note of any accounts that are in both names. Request that your bank monitor for fraud so you can prevent your spouse from opening up a new credit line once you share the divorce news.

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