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Fireworks Caused 11,000 Injuries and 4 Deaths in 2016

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2018 | Safety |

Fireworks typically conjure up images of Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve celebrations, with colorful sprays reaching across the night sky, accompanied by popping and sizzling sounds. Unfortunately, fireworks also contributed to 11,000 injuries and four deaths in 2016, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Fireworks are not toys

Fireworks can be dangerous, particularly for children. Sparklers may seem like a fun toy to a child when, in fact, these devices reach extremely hot temperatures. Of the fireworks-related injuries in 2016, an estimated 900 injuries were associated with the use of sparklers; 400 injuries were reported due to the use of bottle rockets; and 1,300 injuries were estimated from using firecrackers.

Homemade fireworks

The Consumer Safety Products Commission reported four deaths related to fireworks in 2016. They indicate that three of the four deaths were due to reloadable aerial devices; one death was due to the manufacture of homemade devices.

Misuse of fireworks

The American Pyrotechnics Association, which represents the fireworks industry, reports that while sales of fireworks have risen, the number of injuries has declined. The Association cites misuse of fireworks devices and the use of illegal explosives as contributing to the greatest proportion of injuries related to fireworks.

Fireworks are illegal in New Jersey

While most states permit the sale of consumer fireworks, three states still prohibit them: New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Delaware.

Duds are dangerous

In some instances, fireworks do not go off as planned. Fireworks that do not fire once they are lit can be particularly dangerous. Numerous reasons can cause a firework to fail, and experts advise not touching or trying to relight a firework in this situation.

Avoid using old fireworks

Many may not realize that fireworks have a shelf life of only about a year. So if you did not use all of your fireworks from this year’s Fourth of July barbecue, don’t plan on holding on to them until next summer.

Be prepared

Be prepared in the event something goes wrong with your fireworks. Having water and sand nearby and readily available can assist with putting out small fires from burning embers.

Fireworks-related injury? We can help

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