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Handling Relocation After A Divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2019 | Divorce |

As experienced Freehold, NJ family law attorneys, we can help you when relocation becomes an issue in your divorce.

In the aftermath of a divorce, both parties are likely to undergo major changes in their personal lives and in their financial situations. At times, one may consider relocation to another city or state for the purpose of obtaining a better job, increased opportunities, or pursuing a romantic relationship. This can have a dramatic impact on any current divorce orders or agreements which may be in place, particularly when children are involved. As experienced Freehold, NJ divorce and family law attorneys, we can guide you in resolving important relocation issues that could end up jeopardizing your rights.

Issues Involved in Relocation After Divorce

Relocating to another area is a major step. Common reasons for considering such as change often involve career prospects, romantic interests, wanting to be closer to family, or desiring better social and recreational activities in support of your new lifestyle.

While wanting to make a move is understandable after what you likely went through during the breakup with your spouse, there are practical matters to consider. These include:

  • Determining what to do with property you acquired as a result of a divorce settlement, such as the family home;
  • Ensuring any alimony payments ordered continued to be made and reviewing whether a change in your financial situation could impact the amount;
  • Handling issues regarding children and any parenting plan agreements that are in place.

The potential impact on children and each parent’s relationship with them is likely to be one of the biggest concerns in handling a relocation after a divorce. Psychology Today warns that it could have a lasting impact both the child and the parent remaining behind, affecting their relationship for years to come.

Relocation After Divorce and New Jersey Family Courts

Matters involving property and payment of spousal support need to be discussed immediately with an experienced family law attorney prior to announcing a relocation. Provided there are no limitations in agreements concerning marital property and you are not getting remarried, legal issues regarding relocation after a divorce should not be a problem. However, if there are children involved, parenting plan agreements will be a concern.

Under the New Jersey Statutes (NJSA §9:2-2), unless both parents consent, the court’s permission is needed to remove a child from the current jurisdiction. Factors that can increase the odds of getting a relocation approved include:

  • The relocating parent has a better job lined up;
  • The new area offers better support services, such as family nearby;
  • The relocation provides the child with more opportunities or advantages;
  • The relocating parent is willing to negotiate on ways the other parent can stay involved in the child’s life.

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