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Steps to take after a slip and fall

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2022 | Slip & Fall |

The injuries for a slip and fall accident can be more serious than you may expect. In fact, these accidents are the main cause of workplace deaths and the leading cause of lost days of work. Whether your fall happened at work or while running errands, here are a few steps you need to take to ensure that you are getting the compensation you deserve for your injuries:

Collect evidence of the fall

Proving where you fell and what caused the fall can be a difficult part of your compensation claim. By taking pictures of what caused your fall, collecting recorded statements from witnesses and their contact information, you can arm your claim with the ammunition it needs to secure the compensation you deserve.

Seek medical attention

After a fall, you may have experienced an injury that you are not aware of. A doctor can both provide a thorough health report for your claim; they can also provide you with the necessary treatment that could save your life. By seeing a doctor, you are also creating a benchmark of what your condition was immediately following the accident.

Consult with an attorney

Filing a personal injury claim while also trying to maintain your health can be difficult. Instead of jeopardizing your recovery, let an experienced attorney manage your compensation claim. They can help maximize the compensation you receive so you can secure a settlement that accurately reflects the current and future expenses of your injuries.

Action today can benefit your tomorrow

The sooner you take these steps after a fall, the better situation you can find yourself in with your compensation claim. Evidence and testimonies are not always as accurate as they are immediately after an accident; waiting too long to see a doctor can threaten your health and make it hard to prove the consequences of the fall, and not talking to an attorney right away can delay the compensation you need now. Make sure you do not wait longer than necessary to protect your best interests after a fall.