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3 pedestrian safety tips

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Pedestrians are among some of the most vulnerable individuals when it comes to sharing the road with vehicles. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that pedestrians are one and a half times more likely to die in an accident than those driving or riding in a motor vehicle.

Because the risk of serious injury or death is prevalent with pedestrian accidents, there are a few safety tips those on foot may want to keep in mind as they travel to reduce the risk.

1. Walk facing traffic

Pedestrians who walk facing traffic stay safer because they can see what approaches them and make themselves more visible to drivers as well. If the sidewalk or other walkways appear narrow, pedestrians may want to walk as far on the shoulder of the road as possible and face traffic whenever possible.

2. Remain aware of immediate surroundings

Pedestrians can reduce the risk of an accident by remaining aware of their surroundings instead of blocking them out with earbuds or headphones. Those who fail to recognize the danger of cutting possible response time if a driver should lose control of a vehicle or become distracted may receive serious injuries.

3. Wear reflective clothing after dark

Pedestrians who walk at dusk or after dark are usually at an increased risk of a pedestrian accident because they are not immediately visible to drivers. Wearing reflective strips or clothing during a walk can allow drivers to see pedestrians from a good distance away.

Most pedestrian accidents occur due to driver distraction or low visibility that makes people on foot difficult to spot. Making safety a priority can protect pedestrians, especially in urban areas with increased or congested areas of traffic.