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3 places to watch your step in the grocery store

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2023 | Personal Injury, Slip & Fall |

For most people, most days, grocery shopping is a routine chore. However, these often-busy commercial buildings can pose many slip-and-fall risks for customers.

In addition to fallen, broken and potentially leaking products in aisles, there are several areas in the grocery store where shoppers should be especially careful.

1. Refrigerator and freezer aisles

The aisles for refrigerated and frozen foods are two of the most common areas that pose a slip-and-fall risk. Power loss, poorly maintained equipment or malfunctioning cooling units can easily lead to excess condensation or leaks and dangerous patches of pooling water on floors. To prevent this, stores often place high-traction rubber mats beside refrigerators and freezers.

2. Produce sections

Rubber floor mats are also an important safety precaution in produce areas, where misting equipment can create slick surfaces. Fallen and potentially crushed fruits and vegetables can also cause customers to slip or trip if employees are not careful to monitor this section carefully.

3. Entryways and exits

Grocery stores can get a lot of foot traffic, especially during peak shopping hours. If entryway mats are missing, improperly placed or disheveled, this can easily create a fall hazard. Proper floor mats and entryway monitoring are also essential during wet or snowy weather, when customers may be tracking in water, ice, mud and other debris.

Slip-and-fall injuries can be much more serious than many people realize. While older adults are especially at risk, even a “simple” fall can lead to broken or fractured bones, spinal cord damage, concussions and traumatic brain injuries. That makes it essential that grocery store managers and staff are diligent about maintaining safe premises for customers, especially in areas with known risks for shoppers.