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There are a variety of concerns commonly associated with child support, ranging from the amount of child support set and the enforcement of child support to child support modifications. If you are concerned about the amount of child support you have to pay, or that your former spouse is not making their child support payments, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of the New Jersey child support attorneys at Lomurro Law to help you resolve important child support issues quickly and effectively.

How Is Child Support Determined?

Child support in New Jersey is generally determined according to the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. The amount of child support ordered is based on the income of both parents and what you spend on your children on average. Through the child support process, you can also seek to ensure important needs, such as insurance coverage, are met. If circumstances change, or needs change, our New Jersey child support attorneys can help you modify your orders. In addition, in New Jersey, parents can request a review of their child support order at least every three years to determine, based on income, if there is a 20 percent change in the child support amount.

Can I Get Help With Child Support Modification And Enforcement?

Following your divorce, your life will likely change in some ways and you may need help modifying a child support order or enforcing a child support order. Whether a parent is having difficulty paying child support, and needs to ask the court for a modification based on a significant change in circumstances, or a parent is having difficulty collecting child support that has been ordered, modification and enforcement options are available.

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