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Freehold New Jersey Occupational Diseases Attorney

Representing Workers With Job-Related Diseases In New Jersey

Occupational diseases are caused by job-related activities and working conditions. While these are preventable diseases, many of them are not curable and leave workers fighting for their lives.

Inherently, occupational diseases result in considerable costs to workers, their families, the health care system, and society. Being diagnosed with an occupational disease can often be life-changing or even life-threatening. You may need specialized medical care or to be hospitalized for long periods of time. No matter what kind of occupational disease you have been diagnosed with, a workers’ compensation lawyer in New Jersey is ready to help you pursue the compensation you need, whether it is to help pay your medical bills or make up for lost wages at work. Call Lomurro Law in Freehold for more information

What Are Occupational Diseases?

Diseases related to particular jobs can be classified as occupational diseases, though these conditions can vary widely. Examples of common occupational diseases include:

  • Tuberculosis or hepatitis for nurses or other health care workers who are exposed to these diseases on the job
  • Heart and lung diseases for firefighters who have a minimum of four years of service
  • Pneumoconiosis and silicosis for any job that might require direct contact with or exposure to coal dust
  • Chemical poisoning such as lead, arsenic, mercury for occupations that involve direct contact or exposure, or to the preparation or its compounds

Other diseases may be considered an occupational disease, but they must meet three very specific criteria to be occupationally related:

  • The worker is exposed to the disease through their employment
  • The disease is causally related to the employee’s industry or occupation
  • The incidence of the disease is markedly higher in that trade or occupation than it is in the general population

If you have been told your diagnosis could be related to your job or a job you once had, now is the time to reach out to a skilled New Jersey worker’s compensation attorney. With their assistance, you could receive financial benefits from filing a worker’s compensation claim related to your occupational disease.

What Causes Occupational Diseases?

When most people think of a worker’s compensation injury, they think of a single accident or event. However, there other types of injuries and illnesses covered under worker’s compensation insurance. These include pre-existing conditions such as asthma that were exacerbated by the employee’s working conditions or an older work injury that reoccurs. As a well-versed worker’s compensation lawyer in New Jersey can explain, occupational diseases can be caused by exposure to certain conditions, chemicals or other substances while on the job that causes a worker to become harmed from exposure.

Let A Worker’s Compensation Attorney In New Jersey Help You

For some employees, obtaining worker’s compensation for an occupational disease is quite difficult, more so than for an accident-related injury at work. Call a New Jersey worker’s compensation attorney from Lomurro Law today at Call or fill out our online contact form if you need assistance filing a worker’s compensation claim for an occupational disease. An attorney can not only help you file your claim but ensure that you have a complete filing and represent you against your employer, their insurance company, and their legal team.