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Runaway Trailer Accidents

Helping Injured Clients After Terrifying Commercial Truck Accidents

Semi trucks, 18-wheelers, tankers and other types of tractor-trailers are complex vehicles. Unlike smaller passenger cars, these large commercial vehicles have two articulated components – a tractor, which is the cab of the truck where the driver sits, and a trailer, which holds the cargo being distributed. These two components are connected by a coupling device, which allows the truck to make turns but works to keep the trailer in line with the cab while the truck is driving straight.

When a coupling device fails or a truck becomes imbalanced, it can result in devastating accidents. Proving the cause of these crashes so that you can recover for your injuries can be complicated, and you should always seek the help of an experienced Freehold truck accident lawyer after a crash and injuries.

How Runaway Trailer Accidents Happen

Trailers are considered to be “runaway” when they start moving faster than the tractor of the truck. This can result in:

  • The truck driver losing control and becoming unable to stop the truck
  • The trailer jackknifes, which means the coupling allows it to swing out perpendicular to the road, often crashing through several lanes of traffic
  • The trailer disconnecting completely, often barreling down the road with no way to stop it

If you imagine any of the above scenarios, you can picture how terrifying a runaway trailer accident can be. If you are in the path of a runaway truck, it is likely that you will sustain serious injuries and damage to your vehicle.

Liability For Runaway Trailers

There are different parties that might be responsible for a runaway trailer accident happening. The following are only some possible causes:

  • Driver error – The truck driver can often sense when they are going too fast and might be at risk of a runaway trailer. By making the necessary adjustments, they can often regain control and prevent a jackknife or another severe accident. When a driver fails to slow down or react in time due to distractions or other forms of negligence, the driver – and their employer – should be liable.
  • Trucking company negligence – When a company fails to properly maintain its trucks, the brakes might fail or a tire might blowout, which can lead to a runaway trailer. In addition, a company might be liable if it allowed a dangerous driver to continue operating the truck.
  • Manufacturer – Sometimes, brakes or a coupling device might be defective right from the start. If a truck manufacturer sells a defective part that malfunctions, a runaway trailer accident might result.

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After a runaway truck accident, you should seek the medical treatment you need for your injuries and then consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer in Freehold. Determining liability for the crash is critical to ensuring you receive full compensation for your injuries and losses. Lomurro Law is ready to help, so please call 732-482-9285 or contact us online for your free case evaluation.