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For Divorcing LGBTQ Couples, Having An Attorney On Your Side Who Is Familiar With The Divorce Process And Unique Issues You Face Is Key.

Those who do not identify as heterosexual have not always had the same rights and privileges as those who do – neither in our state nor in our country. It took until 2013 for LGBTQ persons to gain the right to marry in New Jersey, and until 2015 for these same people to gain the right to marry nationwide. Today, our lawyers at the office of Lomurro Law are proud to be a law firm that supports LGBTQ marriage and divorce. For the support you need during your LGBTQ divorce in New Jersey, call our law firm directly today.

Complex Issues In LGBTQ Divorce Cases

While LGBTQ couples may now have the same legal rights related to marriage and divorce, they may still face some unique and complex issues when separating. These include:

  • Child custody. For nonheterosexual parents where both parties to the marriage are not the child’s biological parents, child custody can be complicated during a divorce. If both parents legally adopted the child, then the case will proceed very much as would a standard child custody case; however, if only one parent has legally adopted the child or only one parent is the child’s biological parent, the case can be more complex. One such case would be a custody battle in 1998 when Tina Munson won the first case in the United States where the non-biological mother of a same-sex relationship wanted joint custody of the child. Our law firm can provide the kind of support and guidance you need.
  • Property division. There is nothing unique about the division of property in a divorce; whether straight or gay, the court will divide assets per the rules of equitable distribution. What may be more complex, though, is deciding whether or not assets acquired prior to marriage are marital assets, especially if the only reason that the couple was not married was because of a legal bar.
  • Similar to property division, “length of the marriage” may be an issue when making a determination about spousal maintenance, especially if the couple would have been married but for a legal prohibition. Talk to an attorney to learn more.

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Working with an attorney who has experience in LGBTQ divorce law is important if you are in an LGBTQ marriage and are filing for a divorce. At the offices of Lomurro Law, our team has more than 130 years of combined legal experience. We are also committed to continuous education and staying abreast of all evolving laws and cases. We are passionate about our clients and our work.

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